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1785 29th St #703

Ogden Utah  84403

Principal: Guy Wilkins jr, BSME, University of Texas, Austin 1949
Professional Mechanical Engineer

Registered in Utah ,License No 138067-2202

Specializing in the design, construction and operation of solar salt plants extracting salt (sodium chloride) from sea water or other more saturated brine sources. Has derived formulas based on measured evaporation ( US Class A Evaporation Pan), Rainfall and Seepage rates These formulas have proven accurate when applied to operating plants with at least a 10 year histiory of weather data and actual production. They are now incorporated in computer programs that are especially useful in feasibility work where unprecise variables can be changed and the effect determined in seconds. This is very helpful where there is no long reliable weather history available.



Born Aug 1, 1920
Texola OK, USA

Education: BSME University of Texas–1949

Honors: Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma

Registration: Professional Mechanical Engineer, State of Utah

Experience: Prior to college, mechanic, welder, operator of steam and electrical power plants-civilian and Navy.

As an Engineer: Design and operation of steam and electrical generating plants for the first 12 years.  After 1961 all phases of the solar salt industry, management, design, construction and operation of solar salt plants, refineries, mines and evaporating plants.

Experience Summary:

Has theoretical, design and practical operating knowledge and experience with the production of solar salt from sea water, underground brine and by product salt from strip mining shallow rock salt deposits. Is a qualified maintenance machinist and welder. Prior to retirement worked for 7 months as an operator and maintenance mechanic during a labor interruption in a salt refinery. Developed fundamental equations for the design of solar salt plants, now in computer programs and wrote the only definitive book in the world on the design, construction and operation of solar salt plants. Has personally directed the design, construction and operation of the second largest solar salt plant in the world. Has designed and built ponds in many different types of soils and under very adverse conditions.  Has extensive experience with the use of all types of earth moving equipment, draglines, scrapers, hydraulic and clamshell dredges, trucks, 15 to 100 yds, backhoes, dozers, ditching machines etc.

Experience detail: 

1938 to 1941. Mechanic in a steam-electrical power plant

1941 to 1945  Machinist Mate on a Navy Destroyer in the Pacific discharged as a Chief Petty Officer. Participated in 13 Battles.

1945 to 1949  Attended University of Texas in Austin

1949 to 1959 Engineer and Oil Refinery Power Plant Manager for Continental Oil Co

1959 to 1961 Mechanical Engineering Consultant

1961 to 1963 Manager-Great Salt Lake Plant–Leslie Salt Co

1963 to 1976 Manager of all Leslie Salt Co Solar Salt Production facilities (designed and built the Australia plant 1965-1969)

1976 to 1980 Chief Engineer Leslie Salt

1980 to 1985 Operations Manager Leslie Salt-Retired 1985

1985 to 2001 World Wide Consulting Engineer: Provided salt expertise and local engineering guidance in the construction of the first Solar Salt Refinery in India. Provided Solar Salt consulting services in Africa, Asia, South America and the US.

Major projects  as a consultant:

1. Provided detail instructions to Indian Engineers in design and equipment selection for the Refinery built near Ghandidham in western India- 1985 to 1987.  Provided new one story refinery layout to replace original refinery destroyed by earthquake- 2001

2. Performed feasibility study for Cargill Salt to construct a Solar Salt Production Plant near the Kandla Port in India. Completed Pond Layout, process flow design and production schedule estimates before project was abandoned.  1990 to 1992

3. Designed solar pond layout and process flow for Produsal at Los Olivitos near Maricaibo in Venezuela.  Helped with construction until plant was sold to Cargill-1995 to 1998

4. Did a major redesign of the Solar Pond system for Panbros Salt Industries near Accra, Ghana in West Africa. Project is ongoing but little progress because of a shortage of funds.  1999 to ---

6. Completed design and construction of a small harvester to replace hand harvesting currently being used in many small salt operations around the world.  First tests were completed satisfactorily.  Harvester is now working in a small plant near Ghandidham in northwest India. Have several alternative salt haul methods devised and larger machines in design process for increased capacity.

7. Completed design and construction of a 200 tph solar salt harvester using a Bobcat T 190 power unit with rubber tracks for mud floor crystallizers.  Unit has been tested in salt and works very well. These units are built around small rubber tracked crawler tractors for use in mud floor crystallizers and will work anywhere a man can walk.  Completely self contained, one man operation.

8. Computer programs have been upgraded to where production estimates can be made in seconds with inputs of land area, measured evaporation and rainfall data and a reasonable estimate of seepage. Programs will also make an ideal division of land area into individual pond areas.

Guy Wilkins PE
1785 29th St #703
Ogden, Utah, 84403
Phone/Fax 801-394-6118
Cell 801-309-4103